Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bloggin' It Up.......

So this is me with my very first blog post...I am growing up before my very eyes. I have watched the tutorial, perused multiple blogs and been inspired by my sisiters who have been begging me to enter the year 2009. I think I am ready, please be patient with me. So, hello fellow's what I know today......
laundry never ends
under promise, over deliver is my motto
dogs really can be mans (womans) best friend--
the right piece of equipment makes all the differenc in the world
Snuggies are the rage and what a deal with the book light too (2 for $19.99)
I love my family (more than the dog)
just learned you can text google on your cell for specific info...regular text message fees apply
DVR is fun
over time Iam and will develop tehno skills.....we shall see